Additional Services

Pre-Pregnancy Nutrition Class

This class covers what a pregnant mama needs to be successful throughout her pregnancy as her body changes and the nutrition needed and what is not:) If you have special dietary requirements we can also detail a diet to support your needs. We will do a weekly food diary per trimester to look at your food intake, so we can help your nutrition be another part of your triumphant pregnancy.  Cost is $150.  All midwifery clients receive nutrition counseling during their care at no charge.



Childbirth class

This class educates in the stages of labor, breathing, relaxation and visualization on the journey of birth. We practice positions, coping skills, and cover education on cesarean section. Parents can also request  individual classes for special circumstances, such as trauma,  and other special birth needs or situations. Classes range on times depending on need during your pregnancy.  Cost is $100.  All midwifery clients receive a free childbirth class if requested.



Breastfeeding Class

In the breastfeeding class you will learn the benefits of choosing to breastfeed. It will also discuss the different techniques and holds will be practiced.  We will also address and  discuss common questions . As well as groups and support in your area for breastfeeding support.  Cost is $100.  All midwifery clients receive free breastfeeding consultation during the postpartum period.


New Parenting Class

This class covers topics ranging from diapering your newborn, bathing, feeding, creating a sleep schedule, and also needs for mom and dad as well. We also cover common questions or situations that are common among new parents and there frequently asked questions.  Cost is $75



Placenta Encapsulation

In choosing to have your placenta encapsulated, you will see benefits in many areas. Remember first, your placenta is created just for you, it has your hormones.  Cost of this service is $250, or $200 for midwifery clients.

  • Replenishes depleted Iron

  • Gives you more energy

  • Helps lessen bleeding postnatally

  • Been shown to increase milk supply

  • Helps you have a happier postpartum period.

  • It helps return your uterus to pre-pregnancy state


Cranialsacral Fascial Therapy


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