Comprehensive Midwifery Care

Midwifery Services are designed to meet your needs in birth. I have a variety of different packages with a sliding scale to accommodate your financial needs. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please message me on our wanna chat tab.

Prenatal Care

For the best health of the mother and baby, we recommend prenatal visits each month for the first six months, twice a week for the seventh and eighth month, and every week in the ninth month.  We do realize that many families may choose to not have that many visits.  Our fee includes six visits because we really want you to at least have that many.  The visits covered by your fee can be used at the office of any of doctors or midwives listed below.

Labor and Delivery

You have the option to delivery at your own home or to come to our home like birth center.  We offer water births in both situations.  Discuss with us if you are a good candidate for a water birth.  We are very family oriented and let the family and laboring mom set the pace for labor and delivery.  

Postpartum Care

We require a 1-3 day visit in your home at which time we will draw blood for the newborn screening, check the baby’s hearing, and do a check-up on baby to make sure baby is nursing well, has not lost too much weight, and is not very yellow (jaundiced).  We will check to make sure that mother is recovering well and has no signs of infection.  The other postpartum visits the are recommended:  1-2 weeks depending on number of baby and breastfeeding counseling needs, 3-4 weeks and a 6 week visit.  No one is limited on the amount of postpartum visits.  We are here for the family during this transition time and will be of help where we can. 

Newborn Care

Newborn care follows the same recommendations as the postpartum care for our mom's.  At the 24 hour visit we check the newborn for weight loss, jaundice, latch and over all wellness.  We will also perform the following health screens:  Newborn metabolic screen (heal poke, PKU test), Hearing screen and the congenital heart defect screen.  We also like to make sure we are checking for the regain of weight at two weeks.  All other visits follow regular newborn care.

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