Gena's Story...

In 1997 my eyes were opened to a new type of living.  While working at Whole Foods Market, I became interested in a lifestyle of living pure, healthy, and organic. This type of living made such a difference in my life, it peaked my interest in how it could benefit women in childbirth. In 2004, a doula was born! I witnessed natural birth with many benefits using a holistic approach. Previous experience working in a homeopathic pharmacy furthered my curiousity about the body's natural ability to over come ailments.  In 2006, I furthered my speciality by becoming a homepath.  In late 2007, I became pregnant and thrilled about the opportunity to have the birth I had seen and help mothers achieve as a doula, I planed to hire a midwife and have my own natural birth experience. Pregnancy was an amazing journey with a natural and supportive team. My midwife not only supported me in my birth, but she educated me and took time to truly embrace what I wanted my birth to be serene, peaceful, and tranquil. Behold! the early stages of Tranquility Birth Services. To give Tranquility Birth Services full life, I earned my degree in Midwifery from Southwestern WisconsinTechnical College.  My own style and techniques where created while working under many highly trained and skilled midwives.  All of my hard work and tutelage helped me created my own unique vision which allowed Tranquility Birth Services to become a reality. 

Gena Reitano


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